Apology/Adapting to Conditions


We want all of our customers to have a fun and memorable time at The Barricade, but we also want to ensure a safe and clean environment during these strange times. In an effort to remain open and meet these goals we have had to make a number of changes, some quite different from our original plans when we first opened at the end of 2019. The Barricade was barely open for 4 months before Covid-19 changed everything, we had to all but close completely for over a year, but we never gave up and we thank those of you who kept reaching out and encouraging us. Since October 2020 we've slowly been re-opening, all while learning, adjusting, and adapting to today's conditions. Eventually, we hope to fall back to our original operation plan and pricing, but until that's safe and responsible to do we will continue to adjust. We've been carefully brainstorming and experimenting to come up with specials, packages, and parties that provide safe, worry-free, and FUN experiences. 



Our pricing and general operation has had to shift significantly. As of this moment, and as much as we would love to, we are NOT offering walk-ins or freeplay times. We are certain this will change in the near future, until then we have come up with a variety of Parties and Specials that can be reserved ahead of time. Specials only require a minimum of 2 hours notice, while Parties we ask for 24 hours notice, we have also extended the times you can reserve (depending on availability and staffing, we can fulfill almost any request 24/7/365, major holidays and any time outside of 10am-10pm may be subject to an additional fee, but will be determined on a case to case basis). This is to help make up for the time required to complete our new, and extensive, cleaning/disinfecting procedures that we perform before and after every group that comes into The Barricade. We've done our best to keep our prices as low as possible, despite our increased costs, and will maintain our 'Corona Response' discount pricing for as long as we are able because we know almost everyone could really use a break from being cooped up. 



Removed and/or halted use of whatever could not be quickly and reliably cleaned or disinfected: We no longer offer full-face masks due to the foam inserts, however we encourage guests to bring their own. No more use of Red/Blue Team Jerseys, replaced with easy-to-clean plastic bracelets for team designations. Removed a number of different props, such as wigs, masks covering the face, and paper based items. Minimized some of our extra activities (such as coloring books, Lite-Brites, velcro bullseye games, etc. for younger guests). 
Before and after every group: Disinfecting every blaster, door handles, tables, chairs, surfaces, windows, inflatables, toys, and vacuuming all rooms. Disinfecting using UV lights on all sensitive items, electronics and remotes.
Before and after Arena use: Disinfecting all inflatables, spraying all soft parts with special anti-bacterial (cloth, netting, decoration, props, etc), spraying floor with disinfectant and allowed to dry, used ammo collection, replace with clean ammo in arena.
Used ammo:  Gets collected and cycled in small batches through two cycles of disinfectant, each taking 15 minutes to soak and dry to ensure a complete coating and total disinfection. Once a week, all ammo gets sent to be washed and sanitized in extreme high heat water cycles, dried, and then returned.
Bathrooms: Disinfected with bleach products, and then completely wiped down with normal bathroom disinfectant/cleaner, and given time to dry before the next group. 
Weekly: Air purifier and disinfectant cycled while closed once a week, cloth decorations removed and washed, everything missed during the week from pens to window railings wiped and sprayed with disinfectant. 
Minimal Staff: especially during parties and events we do our best to limit and minimize the presence of staff based on the number of guests without sacrificing customer service and efficiency. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


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