Our front desk area  is where you check-in before getting the party started! Our staff will greet you and check you in. Any add-ons can be made here. We also have a spacious seating area with a monitor outlooking the arena during play so you can kick back and watch the action!


Our Nerf selection  has 54 gun models for you to pick and choose from! This area is where you choose your weapon. After our staff gets you situated and communicates safety protocols you will be escorted to the Arena.


We have 3 different party areas; Base One, Base Two, and Base Three (being the biggest). Whichever Base you choose our staff will make you feel at home. You have the option to bring your own food, BYOB, birthday cakes, and soft drinks!

The Arena  is where the action happens. To see list of games that happen within the Arena click here!